Greenhost X RC Studio Present A Fundraising Exhibition for Museum Kolong Tangga

What does home means to you?

For us here, we believe that home is a place where you can feel loved, respected, and cared for by your surrounding.

Have you ever imagined what it would be like if you no longer have a home? We hope that it won’t ever come to that for you. We also hope that our friend – who recently just lost theirs - could find a new home as well. Here’s a litte story about our friend, Museum Kolong Tangga (M.K.T).

Founded in 2008 in Yogyakarta, M.K.T is the first Educational and Toy Museum. From then until June 2019 it was located under the stairs that lead to the theater at Gedung Taman Budaya Yogyakarta; hence the name “kolong tangga” that literally means “under the stairs”. The founder, Mr. Rudy Coren was happy to have the space. Their foreign and Indonesian friends contributed to the cost of installing this museum as well. They all had contributed to the founding of the first children’s museum in Indonesia.

This year, our friend celebrate their 10th birthday. For nine years in a row, they have welcomed around 13,000 children and grown-ups annually, organized guided tours and workshops both in and outside the museum, and received many university students who wanted to write their thesis on various aspects of the museum. They still publish a bimonthly magazine called “Kelereng” or “Marbles”.  They were always so happy to participate in event and acquaint their story. They were also invited to participate in various exhibitions, seminars, and workshops both in and out of the country.

Much like every other stories, there was a storm that hit out friend. It was in the beginning of July 2017 that they were suddenly told that they had 3 days to vacate their small premise at the city’s cultural center and had to find a new home. At the moment, they have temporary shelter, but they still have a problem of safely storing their complete collection that consists of 22,000 objects, a photo-documentary collection, and a poster collection. They can’t accommodate the daily requests for workshops and guided museum-visits. They need a place to bring back the museum to all children – not only those in Yogyakarta but for all the kids in Indonesia, because this museum was created and intended to bring an alternative education for Indonesian children. Our dear friend is now in a very dire financial situation, and they need help, our help. Because if there’s no help coming, they will have to close down for good by the end of 2018.

Throughout this month of September, they are having an exhibition & fundraising at our Green Art Space, from 1 September - 1 October. You are most welcome to visit and buy some artworks that are for sale during the exhibition. All sales made during this exhibition will go to funding M.K.T to find a new home for their fascinating collections. We believe that M.K.T really brings a valuable contribution to the community where it exists, and that is why we fully support their effort through this collaboration.

To help them through another way, if you know anyone or any institution that may be able to help them, we’re sure they’d be very happy to link with them, and you can just inform us of this by sending email to or by leaving comments here.

We truly hope that you could come visit the exhibition, or even buy the artworks that are for sale, or simply share this article to others so that we could all help M.K.T find a new home to bring more joy for children in Yogyakarta and Indonesia.