Greenhost x Jelito de Leon: Two Days with Photography Enthusiasts

A picture speaks a thousand words. So you can imagine how many words one is saying through their Instagram account! Particularly if their account is full of breath-taking pictures, like @jelitodeleon’s. 

Last weekend on 20th – 21st October 2017, Greenhost collaborated with one of the most charming Instagram influencers in ASEAN, Jelito de Leon, on a special event on Photography. We conducted a 2-days event with him, inviting him over to Jogjakarta to share his knowledge and insights on still and nature photography, as well as for an exclusive photo hunt with his fan base in Indonesia.


The sharing session took place at Greenhost and it started from 11.00am until 03.00pm. Jelito was so excited to share his knowledge to all the participants. This sharing session was concluded by providing the participants with an opportunity to practice their new knowledge through a Mini Photo Hunt Competition at the hotel area. This area included lobby area and our Creative Farming in the rooftop.


For the second event, “Exclusive Photo Hunt”, together with Jelito, we organized a photo competition on Instagram. There were more than 20 submissions, but after a long deliberation we had to choose 3 winners: Rizky @jurnalrizki, Afi @bjonnicus and Ari @streetaiid. (Psst, only one of them live in Jogja, so the other two had to fly from Malang and Surabaya!) As a prize, they received a one-night stay at our hotel and the opportunity to enjoy one whole day with Jelito on the photo hunt! What a perfect experience, isn’t it?


Together with Jelito, the three winners went to see four famed spots in Yogyakarta; Puthuk Setumbu to catch sunrise, Borobudur temple as one of the most iconic temples in the world, Pinus Pengger as a nature forest tourism, and the last but not least was Parangkusumo Sand Dune. Although at the end of the trip everyone was very tired, but we all had a time of our life!


All the participants and Jelito really enjoyed the photo hunt and the stay at our hotel. “It was really nice and it looked very unique. Anyway, we arrived at the hotel and we were greeted by the facade of the hotel filled with plants. I wasn’t expecting what was gonna happen next. We entered the lobby and just by the lobby is this view! My jaw dropped when I saw it. It was so beautiful! I couldn’t stop taking pictures. They even let us in their rooftop vegetable garden (yes they have one!) This hotel should definitely be on your list if ever you find yourself in Jogja!” expressed Jelito.


Being born and raised in Manila, Jelito loves his country, but also loves to travel a lot. He found his passion in photography when he was in college, and decided that he will pursue his passion. Getting active in Instagram boosted his confidence, as more and more people appreciate and enjoy the pictures he uploaded on Instagram. In 2015, he  was awarded by The Huffington Post as one of the most prominent South East Asian Instagram Influencer, named as influencer of the year as stated by Influencer Asia 2015, and the list goes on.  His photography style on his instagram focused more on minimal and clean photographs.


Greenhost Boutique Hotel arranged this event to wider our networks in Jelito’s fanbase country such as Philippine, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Europe. He came to Yogyakarta as our special guest at the Sharing Session “One Day with Jelito De Leon: On Photography” on 21st October 2017 and Exclusive Hunting Competition in the next day.

18 : Greenhost x Jelito de Leon: Two Days with Photography Enthusiasts