Greenhost Brings Anomali Coffee In-House

A good news for you coffee lovers in Yogyakarta! Following weeks of discussion, we finally bring a new coffee brand which delivers exclusive coffee beans roasted from all over Indonesia to our beloved hotel. We believe you know what brand that is... Yes, Anomali Coffee! Now you can taste the famed coffee, which you could usually find only in Jakarta and Bali, here in Yogyakarta, at Art Kitchen Restaurant! We are very excited, and hope you are too!

Do you remember our New Year’s theme, A White Beginning? Which encourages us to be more mindful, kind, and thoughtful in the next year? Along with that, we want to start the year 2018 with appetizing, high quality coffee which has its own value that is closely related to ours: more adept to innovation and wiser choices that affect our surroundings both socially and environmentally! As an implementation of our mindfulness value, we hope that we are on the correct path to contribute in making the country we live in a better place, and preserving its natural resources.

For those of you who have never heard of Anomali, perhaps you wonder, what’s so special about Anomali Coffee despite its popularity? We have the answer ;) Anomali Coffee, which was established in 2007, is a coffee roaster company that provides speciality coffee beans that brings premium quality coffee from all around Indonesia. They believe that each region has its original coffee and has its unique taste along with its unique aroma. Anomali Coffee has established itself as the leading coffee producer specializing in freshly roasted coffee with the highest standar made by their home roasters. They credibly promote Indonesia Specialty Coffee and introduce them as one of Indonesian heritage. Aside from featuring various flavours of Indonesian specialty coffee, they also collaborate with local farmers to bring forward Indonesian coffee to the world, since Indonesia is one of the world’s biggest coffee producers.

As we have Anomali Coffee here at Greenhost, you can taste their single origin coffee from Aceh Lukup Sabun, Bali, Java Gunung Halu, Aceh Gayo, Toraja, Papua Wamena and Sumatra. You can also order their products online through their website. The best part is that they have prepared an exclusive coffee blend for Greenhost called “Greenhost Blend” which will be ready to be served to you in the next year, in 2018! Dare to try?