Creative Sharing Space

We are opening a meeting room by the pool as a Creative Sharing Space for guests and creative professionals. Those who are in need of a comfortable space to work, a wonderful surrounding to chill out and get inspired, fast Internet access, plus the opportunity to meet, exchange ideas, and collaborate with like-minded professionals are welcomed to use this space.

Green Art Space

Green Art Space is Greenhost Boutique Hotel’s area that is specifically designed to cater the exhibition of local artists’ works, creative projects, and visual initiatives. Located by the swimming pool, local artists and communities are welcome to pitch art projects they’d like to showcase in the provided area. We rotate the exhibitors periodically, exposing our guests to various talented local artists and meaningful artworks over time. Our walls, lightings, and railings have been custom-designed to cater the displaying of paintings, crafts, and other visual artworks. We are also working closely with local art communities and influencers to curate some of our exhibitions. Download the information about Green Art Space  here.

Creative Farming

Agricrafture is the heart of our grand design, combining both agriculture and craftsmanship under one roof; two things the locals in Yogyakarta are well known for. On a daily basis, our rooftop creative-farm delivers fresh cabbage, spinach, mint, basil, as well as other herbs and vegetables into your plate delivering a true farm-to-table experience for our guests. Guests are also welcome to attend city-farming and hydroponic classes in our creative farm.