Arigatou, Hideki-san!


On a sunny autumn of 2015, Hideki Chihara came a long way from Japan. In his old age, he wanted to explore and do a solo trip to Indonesia. Yogyakarta is one of the cities he visited. He stayed and spent a couple days with us here at Greenhost. As always, we treated him like a family. And because he came here alone, we wanted to make sure that his stay with Greenhost was as comfortable and also memorable as possible.

While Hideki was here, he really enjoyed living like the local. He took trains, he mingled with the friendly Yogyakartans near our hotel, he explored our Creative Farming and he also spent time with our owner family, including their son, Dipa.

Hideki’s presence created another great memory for Greenhost and 2 months later, after he went back to Japan, he sent a beautiful letter to us. In his letter, he thanked us for taking care of him while he was here. He is very happy about his stay at Greenhost and he had a great time here in Yogyakarta. He also sent a special gift for our owner’s son, Dipa, a Japanese popular toy that can imitate human voice. Boy, how happy Dipa was to receive that gift!

In his letter, he showed us a picture of his journal in which he kept all his receipt, notes and photo with us, and that picture spoke a thousand words about the happiness that he experienced while he was here.

This is the kind of experience that keeps us serving our guests with the sincerest of heart and makes us better each day.

We would like to earnestly thank Mr Hideki Chihara for his visit & letter and moreover for the memorable days that we had together. It was truly a pleasure to serve you. We will continuously make efforts to serve all of our guests better, and we wish you the best in your personal endeavors. Arigatou, Hideki-san!

"Saya suka orang Indonesia, especially you and your family, your staff who were very kind and friendly, great hospitality. I always remember you" - Hideki Chihara