What’s New from Greenhost: Essential Destination Guide

As you are well aware of, Yogyakarta is a city that offers a multitude of precious things! Culture, people, food, and a fusion of global/local culture that is rather enchanting. Based on our observations and love for our guests, we have crafted a very special Greenhost’s Essential Destination Guide.  We include Top 10 Culinary Destinations, Top 5 Adventure Destinations, Top 3 Shopping Destinations and Top Essentials that are recommended by our team at Greenhost.


This very special guide is a collaboration between Greenhost with Yogyakarta’s local artist, Danang Catur. His work - that is mostly in the form of visual concept – is commonly inspired by music, the latest news, trend, or by his observation to his surrounding. He likes to observe the way people respond to modernity. Soon, within next month he’s going to start a mural project with his 6 years old daughter, isn’t it cute? Mas Danang has won a mural winner competition on Curch Mural in Kotagede Yogyakarta, and he was also selected as a finalist in Art Graphic Tienale Indonesia.


Before mas Danang began his path as an artist, he had no idea about what he wanted to do. After high school, he was not accepted in the national university entrance test. The following year, however, he was admitted in an art school in Yogyakarta and decided to just follow through and see. He found his passion there. “It is hard to make a decision. But it is harder to stand for your choice,” he said. Mas Danang has held two solo exhibition - “Rock N’ Roll in My Interpretation” in 2008 and “Love is All You Need” in 2011. Besides that, he took part in many other exhibitions with other artisits. He understood that even though he has held many exhibitions, there will always be challenges to face. Is their work appreciated? Is their work good enough to exhibit? Is their work sellable? Do their work influence others? If you are curious with his work you could see it on his website


“I hope my illustration picture would help travellers to discover what Yogyakarta really is, and get them a different feeling about how to find a place through illustration picture. Greenhost come up to me with its unique idea and I try to make it come true,” he stated. And aren’t we glad that he did! We hope you enjoy the Essential Guide during your stay with us!