Travel With Mindfulness - Part 1

Holiday season is just around the corner, are you ready to have an awesome one? To make your holiday more memorable and meaningful, we have some tips for traveling with mindfulness…


First of all, as responsible travellers, always be mindful when you book your hotel. Nowadays, hotels come in different sizes, budget, and styles. Consider carefully about which type of hotel do you prefer for your holiday, and adjust your budget accordingly. Also think about the location – near public transport, near the night life, or in a quieter area. When you’re travelling with your big family of 10 people, perhaps staying in a hostel located in the middle of the city is not the wisest choice. ;)


After making up your mind on the hotel, ensure that you book it in advance. Booking in advance usually cost less, and in some cases, could earn you other benefits – such as free breakfast or free wifi. When you book in advance, you  don’t waste precious time during your holiday booking stuffs.


Upon booking, always, ALWAYS, read carefully about the hotel’s facility and its accessibility. Do they have laundry facility? Is there parking area for that car you rent? Do they have ramp & elevator for the baby stroller or your parent’s wheelchair? Nowadays many hotels put their complete information in its website. Many has 'Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)' page. This can be very helpful before choosing your place of stay! So you better check them out!



Last but not least, if you have any question about the hotel, ask and confirm it directly to the hotel. It would be better if you ask about the details that you want to know before making the booking to make sure you are well-informed of your decision and avoid a misunderstanding.


What to make sure? We suggest you some of this points to your check list:


  •  Hotel location from your point of interest

(Do you want to stay at the city center, close to a certain attraction, or maybe a bit far from all the city noises)


  • Hotel facilities

(Airport transfer, is breakfast included, what kind of breakfast is available in hotel, swimming pool, fitness center, kids playground, etc)


  • Room arrangement

(Do you want a double bed, twin bed, single bed, smoking or non smoking, is there a balcony, do hotel provide towel & toiletries, etc)


  • Room location

(If you want to stay far from restaurant/busy area of the hotel, or in ground floor due to limited mobility, etc)

Traveling over the holidays can be extremely busy and exhausting, but we hope these will help you to find an enjoyment during your holiday :)

And we will give you the next part soon! In the mean time, stay tuned in our Facebook or Instagram