Resto Offers

Healthy Takjil


Break your fast with healthy and fresh food surrounded by greeneries completed with breezy wind beside the  swimming pool.

Indulge in 7 takjil items on 3 variant Iftar packages such as strawberry basil, ketan hitam, es cincau, tahu isi, pisang goreng pasir, tempe kemul, jagung bakar keju and many more. 

For more information and reservation please kindly contact 08112746264 (Art Kitchen)


Iftar Package

Enjoy breakfasting on special Iftar Package at IDR 100k/pax with several menu such as Kurma Package, Ketupat Package and get 20% off for early bird before 17 April 2021


A perfect simple, healthy and delicious dish from Art Kitchen are ready to delight your tummy!

Harvesting straight from our creative farming fresh vegetables, enjoy the rice Bowl in a green breezy open air restaurant only at IDR 29K.

Further information and reservation
please kindly contact Art Kitchen through whatsapp 08112746264

Balinese Dish

Taste the authentic Balinese recipe of Pelalah Chicken, Fish Lilit Satay, Betutu Chicken, Long Beans lawar, Jackfruit lawar, Dried Tempeh and Sambal Matah at Art Kitchen open air restaurant.

For reservation and more information please kindly contact our Whatsapp 08112746264 (Art Kitchen)

Work From greenHost

Stay productive on pandemic needs creative way to boost the energy.
Experience WFH 'Work From greenHost' in which business or study accomplished on a comfortable and refreshing open air space with hi-speed internet.

Set menu meal and free flow infused water provided with health and safety protocols applied.

For more reservation and information please kindly contact 08112684539 (Kristi)