Introducing Swarna Raja: Greenhost Signature Blend by Anomali

Do you remember when we said that we finally managed to bring Anomali coffee to our hotel? Then perhaps you also know that we had a plan to create our own signature blend in collaboration with Anomali.

After a long process of selecting the best blend, it’s done! Yeay!

Now we’re very excited to share the story of how Swarna Raja came to be, and what’s the secret ingredient in this blend.. ;)

To create the signature blend, we first go through the coffee cupping process. Are you familiar with coffee cupping process? Coffee cupping is different from coffee tasting. It is the method of observing the tastes and aromas of brewed coffee. Our FB manager, Pak Agung, as our representative flew to Jakarta to go through this process at Anomali’s headquarter.

Anomali provided us with several unknown ground coffee to be sampled and requested us to test each coffee for the aroma. By sniffing the coffee, we had to choose the cup of coffee which had the most sweet-smelling aroma. Next, each cup of coffee was brewed by pouring boiled water.  Again, they asked us to smell the flavor, then we chose four most sweet-smelling coffee.  Following this process, they poured water into four coffee that had been chosen by us. Again, we had to pick which cup of coffee that has the best sweet-smelling aroma, and we chose two.

In this process we still had no idea what type of coffee that we chose, so we followed through! The third step to create signature secret blend is to taste the coffee by slurping it. Why slurping? Pak Agung told us that slurping allowed us to gather more of the coffee and spread it evenly across your tongue. By completely covering our tongue, our palate will be able to take in a greater variety of flavors so we can taste sweetness, bitterness, acidity, and saltiness clearly.

Now we came to the exciting final process. After following through all the process, we finally find out that we picked coffee from Sumatera (originated from Lingga village, Sukanalu) with the mix of Toraja (originated from Miallo, North Toraja) to create our signature Blend. We promise you, it comes form the most sweet-smelling aroma and the most delicious coffee beans. Wohoo!

Are you ready to taste the unique flavor of Greenhost Blend? For now, we can give you a hint: it has hazelnut and herb flavor, and gives you sweet caramel and dark chocolate aftertaste. Yum! Hence, we name it Swarna Raja – from the name of Swarna Dwipa (Sumatera island), and the name of Toraja Island -.

Ps: Thank you Anomali for taking us through this fascinating journey. And, this sweet collaboration is the secret ingredient to our Swarna Raja blend!