Is the hotel’s environment kid friendly?

There’s nothing more we love than to cater guests from all ages. However, the hotel is filled with artwork installations, hydroponic system, and materials that require prudence. As such, Greenhost is most suitable for adults.


How many people are allowed to stay in the room?

All of our rooms are specifically design to accommodate two adults only. Children under 12 years old with maximum 2 children per room are allowed. Any additional guest must occupy another room.


Is there any charge if more than 2 adults stay in a room?

We strongly do not recommend having more than two in a room as it will result to additional 50% charge of your current room rate as a penalty. This penalty does not cover additional request for towels.


Can I use high-energy wattage appliances such as hairdryers?

Since we are committed to minimize our ecological impact, the electrical capacity in each room is set at 6 Amps. Electronic device that requires more than 400 watts, will trip the power in the room (if not the entire block). We thank you for your support towards our commitment.


Do you provide energy saving hairdryers?

Yes, energy saving hairdryers are available, so is ironing board. Please contact our front office for assistance.


Is smoking in the room allowed?

We have a strict no smoking policy in the rooms, corridors, and green area (rooftop). Smoking in these areas will incur to 50% of your current room rate as penalty. You are welcome to smoke at the lobby or our Art Kitchen Resto.


Do you have swimming pool for kids?

No we do not. Our swimming pool is 5x15m in size and 1.3m deep. Children who wish to swim must be with adult supervision at all times. Swimming pool operational hour is from 06.00 AM to 08.00 PM.