Greenhost x Wulang Sunu: Collaboration for Exclusive Merchandise

Time flies indeed, and we turned 4 last September! Hurrah! We’re so grateful for all the learning process and the experience that we had so far, and for you… our lovely guests! You helped define our journey for the past 4 years, together with our partners and collaborators, and made us who we are today.

In this special occasion, we wanted to implement our value in supporting local artistry and decided to have fun with one of Yogyakarta’s local artists, Wulang Sunu (@wulangsunu). Mas Wulang is a local artist who his career in 2010 when he was a visual communication design major. He began his journey with the Papermoon Puppet Theater. He designed illustrations for the background for the performance, and then he was offered to create Papermoon’s book cover. Some of his illustrations was used for the 2016 Jogja Netpac Asian Film Festival, Jogja Documentary Film Festival in 2016, Pesta Boneka by Papermoon Puppet Theatre in 2016, several book cover projects, and other fun projects.

In this collaboration with us, he creates four unique and exclusive merchandise designs for tote bags that represent Greenhost. There are Creative Farming, Green Art Space, eco-consciousness as Greenhost’s identity, and comfort for our guests’ experience. Each of the design reflects the iconic Greenhost facade and the 4 pillars design to celebrate Greenhost fourth anniversary that strengthen and bring Greenhost towards new milestones. “I see the value offered by Greenhost, especially the awareness that Greenhost has as a place to support young artists to get a place to present their work and known for public,” expressed mas Wulang.

Here’s the story behind each designs:

Design #1 “Sleep comfort”:

Blue, yellow and orange colors express comfort and warm atmosphere. There are also figures presented with closed eyes and happy smile to describe comfort while staying at Greenhost. There are also figures who are swimming and enjoying Greenhost swimming pool.

Design #2 “Eco-Conscious”:

The eco-conscious principle that we apply at Greenhost is recently gaining popularity among more Indonesians. This lifestyle movement is starting to become a positive trend, that we highlighted in pink - to make it more eye-catchy. We combine it with green to bring a nature-friendly lifestyle in the design.

Design #3 “Green Art Space”:

Green Art Space also known as GAS is a space to where young and talented local artists meet and gather to exhibit their creative works. Whenever people meet, there's a warm atmosphere, happy feelings, and the artist’s passion. The mix of feelings are pictured with vivid colors variation such as magenta, yellow, orange, and purple to balance the warm colors.

Design #4 “Creative Farming”:

Creative Farming is one of Greenhost's assets that provide guests with the experience to see and learn about hydroponic farming. They can also learn in the classes and experience farm-to-table dining by Art Kitchen Restaurant. This farming and dining experience is illustrated with the colors combination that reflect the soil and the food.

If you haven’t bought this tote bag, it’s the right time to do so, because the designs are truly unique, and you will also be supporting local products! Each product was created mindfully and carefully, and you won't found it in a large numbers because usually it was the only version from the artist. When you decided to use local products, you are helping the environment to decrease carbon footprints. How does it work? If you were buying imported products, the goods need to be shipped from a very long distance to reach us as a consumer. This impacts the environment because of the large amount of fuel needed, as well as the packaging required. Can you imagine how much carbon footprints you’re reducing by choosing local products? And last but not least, local products also help the communities because it is an independent business. It will return a higher percentage of the revenue to them.

Through this collaboration project, both mas Wulang and us hope that there will be more people who are more aware to support and choose local products. Are you one of them?

Psst, we only produce it in limited numbers, so you better hurry up and grab yours at Genetika concept store! ;)