Launching of Green Art Space

The enchanting launch of Green Art Space on Dec 7, 2023! Rewind to the collaboration of 25 local artists, the expertise of Alur Marketing Agency, and the breathtaking display of 78 art paintings. 
Thank you so much to Bapak Heri Pemad (@heripemad) for the opening speech and Alur Marketing Agency (@alur_agency) and all local artists who supported this event. See you at our next event at Green Art Space!

Launching of Greenhost’s Extension Building

The reliving the grand launch of Greenhost's Extension Building on Dec 8, 2023, with themed 'The Art for Sustainable Living.'
From workshops to a captivating art show by Didik Nini Thowok, and the soulful Keroncong Live Music by Kolaborasa. The event unfolded with grace, opened by PJ Wali Kota Yogyakarta, Bapak Singgih Raharjo, and supported by the vibrant presence of Dimas Diajeng. Thank you so much for all dearest friends and colleagues who joined and celebrated this special event with us. See you on our next event at our Extension Building!