Creative Farming

Agricrafture is the heart of our grand design, combining both agriculture and craftsmanship under one roof; two things the locals in Yogyakarta are well known for. On a daily basis, our rooftop creative-farm delivers fresh cabbage, spinach, mint, basil, as well as other herbs and vegetables into your plate delivering a true farm-to-table experience for our guests. Guests are also welcome to attend city-farming and hydroponic classes in our creative farm.

Creative Farming | Greenhost Boutique Hotel

Creative Farming

There is a rooftop garden at Greenhost. Is it open for public?

The rooftop garden is our green area called Creative Farming, and it is only open for our in-guests. However, we welcome any group who would like to visit for study purpose. Terms and conditions apply. Please contact our People Development: [email protected] or +(62) 811 274 6261 for assistance.


Do you sell the yields from the rooftop Garden?

The yields from our Creative Farming are cultivated/harvested to support Art Kitchen necessity. You can enjoy the Art Kitchen menu from our Creative Farming yields. However, if you wish to buy the yields for yourself, kindly contact our front office for available stock.  


The rooftop garden use the hydroponic system, can I learn about it?

Of course, we do have a Hydroponic 101 session that is available for all check-in guest at IDR 50.000. Please notify the front office should you’re interested to join.