Awesome Collaboration with Nico Wijaya!

IMG 0038 ed : Awesome Collaboration With Nico Wijaya!
IMG 0152 ed : Awesome Collaboration With Nico Wijaya!
Rempah 2 Pebbles marked : Awesome Collaboration With Nico Wijaya!
Studio 1 Bird Eye View ed : Awesome Collaboration With Nico Wijaya!


“Apa yang saya potret hari ini atau kemarin, pasti ada perbedaannya di masa depan, dan itu menjadi sebuah cerita yang layak untuk diabadikan.” – “What I photographed today or yesterday, will be different in the future, and it will be a story worth capturing for good.”

Nico Wijaya

As a photographer, photography means a lot for Nico Wijaya. What started out as a hobby becomes a way for him to express things and deliver certain messages – be it the reality or beauty of life, the social inequality, or other observations. “Photography can also be a tool to instropect our own honesty in life,” said Nico.  Moreover, for him, being a good photographer doesn’t always depend on the tools that he used, but rather on the perspective and the techniques used. In the end, what matters the most is for the viewers to be able to understand what he tries to convey through the photographs.

It is because of that perspective, and other similar values that Greenhost decided to have a collaboration project with him and invited him to stay for a couple of days here. Nico, who was born and raised in Yogyakarta, embodies the creative spirit that Greenhost truly values. Even before social media was booming in Indonesia, Nico has been active in the digital field. His passion for digital media and photography brought him success in the capital city of Jakarta, and he was entrusted with a task to be the Assistant Director for a renowned Indonesian movie, 3 Srikandi, last year. During his two days stay with us, Nico was asked to capture “the heart” of Greenhost, according to his eyes. “The challenge was the limited time, and I have to be able to capture the emotion in different spots around Greenhost,” expressed Nico. But despite all that, with the support from Greenhost’s team, the process went smoothly.

Since it was his first time to stay here, he was rather impressed with the thematic rooms concept. When asked about his favorite room, he stated that his favorite is Studio Kita 1. “The combination of wood and concrete wall, as well as the big door and window, with the flowing plants decorating the window is the definition of cosy,” said Nico.

The result of this collaboration is definitely a work to behold. We can enjoy Nico’s photographs and his perspectives of Greenhost Boutique Hotel at the gallery section of this website. Almost all of the photographs were captured by Nico Wijaya. 

We would like to earnestly thank Nico Wijaya for this collaboration and his beautiful photographs, as well as for the memorable moments that we shared. We hope Nico had as much fun as we did! We wish you the best in your personal endeavors, and thank you, Nico!