An Evening Well-Spent: Launch of Swarna Raja

Last Friday was an amazing day for us! After a memorable journey of finding partners, negotiations, testing, cupping, and travelling – we are finally here. With the smell of coffee in the air, we welcomed guests to our Art Kitchen for the launch of our signature blend ‘Swarna Raja’ – collaboration with Anomali Coffee.

We began the event with a coffee talk, inviting three speakers from Art Kitchen, Anomali Coffee, as well as a coffee expert – Mas Dityo. Pak Agung, the Restaurant Manager of Art Kitchen shared about the journey to collaborate with Anomali Coffee in creating this signature blend, which went back to last year. Pak Ryo and Aries from Anomali Coffee in Jakarta also flew to Jogja to share their experience in this collaboration. They also talked about the characteristics of the blend, and the process of creating the blend. Lastly, mas Dityo – who is also the owner of Sokondalem Home Brewery, talked about the development of coffee industries in Yogyakarta. From his explanation, now we know that even in a medium-sized city like Yogyakarta, we had periodization in terms of the coffee industry, and now we were already in third era of coffee revolution!

Following the coffee talk, we invited the participants for coffee cupping, courtesy of Anomali Coffee. During the cupping, we provided three different beans - all produced in Anomali Coffee Roastery. One is a single origin, the other is Anomali’s signature blend that is currently available in Anomali’s stores, and the last one is ‘Swarna Raja’. The funny thing is, because of the ingredients from the blend, we almost forgot which one is ours! After all, the three of them tastes as good as the others.

We were very happy to see that all participants were attentive and listening intently to the explanation. They asked questions, answered our cupping feedback form properly, and sometimes they wrote more details compared to professional’s review because they tried to truly express what their olfactory and other senses felt during cupping.

After the cupping was done and we proceeded to the closing, participants still tried to guess which one is our blend. But in the end, no one got it right… However, to make up for that, we did a trivia quiz and gave prize for the one who guessed correctly!

All in all, it was an evening well-spent indeed, with everyone Art Kitchen of Greenhost Boutique Hotel with happy tummy from snacks we provided, happy hands with merchandise to bring back home, and of course - happy face because the entire event satisfied their coffee-enthusiastic souls.

Good day, good food, good coffee, and new friends with same interest, could it be better than that?