Greenhost Boutique Hotel is an eco-conscious boutique hotel in Prawirotaman, Yogyakarta. Our hotel offers modern amenities with a touch of local culture, value, and hospitality. We are committed to operate in a sustainable and responsible way—both for the environment and the local community. We take thoughtful considerations in various stages of our operations to minimize any ecological impact. This includes our operating system, building materials, purchasing policies, water (re)usage, energy conservation, and waste recycling among others. Agricrafture is the heart of our grand design, combining both agriculture and craftsmanship under one roof—two things the locals in Yogyakarta are well known for. From time to time, we host collaborative creative events in our space, working closely together with influencers and communities that share the same passion and vision. Most of our guests appreciate a quaint and friendly environment in our semi-outdoor green space, interested in arts & crafts, nature, culture, as well as innovative design and experimental projects.



137 Room 

Free Wifi Access 

TV Cable 

Safe Deposit Box at the reception area 

Swimming Pool 

Tea Spa and Fitness Corner 

Laundry Service 

Function Rooms

Creative Sharing Space 

Creative Farming 

Green Art Space 

Art Kitchen Resto 

Green Art Gallery

Room Service