A White Beginning


With year-end of 2017 approaching, like previous years before, we are very excited to present a New Year’s Eve celebration. Different from last year’s theme, “An Affair of Past and Future” which combined Indonesia’s tradition and local wisdom with other cultures, this year we choose “A White Beginning” as a theme.


An elegant, all-white  New Year’s Eve celebration which simbolizes a new beginning as a new journey. We believe that everyone have their own life story, their own battle, memories, and lesson which are meaningful to them. We believe that all of those bring lesson that raise an awareness to become a better person. We agree that it doesn’t have to wait until new year to become a new, better person. However, in accordance with the year-end, the best time for new beginning is now.


Coming up with an idea for a good and memorable new year’s celebration was definitely not an easy thing to do. All the team brainstormed for a good month to finally decide on the ‘A White Beginning’ – a theme that we believe reflects our good intentions to be better in the year to come. 2017 has been a great year for us – we learned a lot, and achieved a lot – one of which is the Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor. That means a lot to us, knowing that our guests enjoyed their stay with us and provided us with valuable feedback for improvement.



“A White Beginning” represents cleanliness and purity - two things that we would like to start 2018 with. Greenhost always commit to its value, we always been passionate in mindfulness, kindness, and thoughtfulness, and we try to implement this value in all activities we had, including this new year’s theme. Those three values are things that we want to imprint on our minds, reflect on our values, and realize with our actions.


We will have five amusing talents who will bring joy to the guests who come to our New Year’s Eve celebration. Four new special talents and one favorite choice from last year’s New Year’s celebration. Can you guess who they are? One top 40 band to entertain guests until midnight, one instrumental band to accompany guests through out dinner, an attractive cabaret dance performance, also two art booths that would please you with beauty, henna and face painting.


We will be sharing more information about this New Year’s Eve celebration later in this end of month. Stay tuned to our instagram and facebook to get the latest information, and we hope to see you on December 31, 2017, for us to start a clean, white slate for the New Year together.