A Story Behind The Room: Studio Kita

A cozy bedroom is proven to make your sleep better and certainly could brighten your day, and for us it could also be a comfortable getaway from your bad day. Therefore we decided to collaborate with selected creative designers to design our room so that your experience staying with us could be a comfortable and memorable one.  Ivan Christianto, an Indonesian designer who live in Jakarta, is one of the choosen ones.  Greenhost invited him to design one of our rooms. He designed Studio Kita room, which incorporates various up-cycled materials to create resilient furniture.  He helped the environment by changing yesterday’s unwanted items into a brand new style that is both eye-catching and functional.  Ivan likes to use up-cycled material because formerly, he had difficulty to draw and for him, it was easier to process finished materials and modify it.


For the design of the room, we did not request any specific design. We left it to him to freely express his style through the room design.  “This room was made for fun, because I can express my design freely, so I hope the guests who come could get a pleasant atmosphere while staying here,” said Ivan.


As an enthusiast of used materials, Ivan doesn’t have a specific supplier to get all the materials. He just acquired it randomly, from a place which sells used materials from Madura, from a friend of him or just randomly found materials that he found suitable on the side of the road. When he found suitable materials for him, he would then let his mind work his magic and process those items in his way.


His three products in Mari Bermain Rasa: “Bosen” cabinet (is 95% used materials), “Tujuh Empat Sebelas” bench, and “Taman Bermain” furniture installation was inspired when he was in an interesting phase of his life. His design was also used as a trophy for National Geographic Green Carpet Awards 2011 in Singapore, and this piece was originally produced in Indonesia! Yes, we are so proud! His interest in product design began when he was still a child. His father had a workshop in his home, and as a result, he loved to make new things from his father’s workshop.


‘Always be a happy person’ - that is one of his favorite quotes to pick. Ivan picked the name Studio Kita as his studio. You can admire more of his work at studio-kita.id or come to his studio in Ciledug, Tangerang, Banten.

Thank you Ivan, for sharing your gift with us!